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Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

Articles 2018

At the request of Ananta Kumar Giri of the Madras Institute of Development Studies I have written a major revision of the essay on ‘Mystical Pragmatics: Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence’ from the one I wrote four years ago. Ananta plans to publish this essay in a book of similar essays with the title Pragmatism and Spirituality: New Horizons of Theory and Practice and the Calling of Planetary Realizations.

One major change is that in December 2017, I met Guy McPherson, widely regarded as the world’s leading authority on abrupt climate change, in Oslo. Guy told me that a reduction in global dimming could accelerate the extremes of climate change, making the need for the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics even more urgent than I had previously envisaged.

The two-page flyer on ‘Starting Afresh at the Very Beginning’ is a reflection on where my life is right now. More on this in my Reflections blog posts on my website.

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Mystical Pragmatics: Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence 13 Jan 2018 406K
Starting Afresh at the Very Beginning 2 Jan 2018 113K