Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

Writings 2019

Having shown how the business modelling methods used by information systems architects have evolved into Integral Relational Logic, I have now used this commonsensical science of thought and consciousness to map the entire number system, from Zero to Transfinity.

By viewing mathematics from the perspective of Cosmic Consciousness, this third chapter of my book on Unifying Mysticism and Mathematics: To Realize Love, Peace, Wholeness, and the Truth thereby resolves the paradoxes that arise when we try to understand mathematical reasoning from within itself, as an axiomatic, linear proof system.

Given the chaos the world is in today, I’ve also written a fourteen-page Epilogue on the existential crisis that humanity faces today, trusting that this could help us to deal with the challenges that are likely to arise in the 2020s, now fewer than twelve months away. These new writings are summarized in a blog post on my other website, titled Realizing Love, Peace, Wholeness, and the Truth.

In the meantime, I still have two more chapters to write. The first on ‘Sequences and Series’ will describe many beautiful formations that emerge naturally when we view mathematics as a generative science of patterns and relationships, often seen in the natural world around us.

The fifth chapter, on ‘Universal Algebra’, goes beyond the number system, describing some of the mathematical abstractions that have now evolved into Integral Relational Logic: the Cosmic Context, Gnostic Foundation, and coordinating framework for all knowledge, which I call Panosophy or the Unified Relationships Theory, better known as the elusive Theory of Everything.

In parallel, I also plan to update the Glossary on this website, consolidating my etymological studies, indicating what changes I have needed to make to the meanings of words in order to develop a language that is consonant with my experiences and the coherent conceptual model of the Totality of Existence that I present in my writings.

Name Pages Date Size
Unifying Mysticism and Mathematics, Covers 2 Oct 2018 322K
Unifying Mysticism and Mathematics, Prologue, Chapters 1–3, Epilogue 252 Jan 2019 18.9M