Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

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In Panosophy, the meaning of Universe is squarely based on its etymology: ‘everything turned into a single whole’, where everything is all beings, elements, relationships, forms, and structures, as abstract primal concepts in Integral Relational Logic. Ultimately, all these beings dissolve into the Supreme Being, which is the Formless Absolute.

Conversely, all beings emerge from the Absolute through the creative power of Life, first within the Cosmic Psyche and secondly into the world accessible to our five physical senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. The entire process is witnessed with Self-reflective Intelligence, which is the Divine Eyesight of Cosmic Consciousness, which provides the Coherent Light necessary to view the Totality of Existence holographically.

Universe is thus a constructed concept, not immediately observable, as we might observe a rose in our gardens, for instance. With this conception of Universe, the long-running war between science and religion comes to an end and we can rest in Peace at the end of time in the Eternal Now, knowing that birth and death are māyā, as abstractions from the Immortal Ocean of Consciousness.

Most significantly, we have then completed the Cosmogonic Cycle, as we inwardly prepare for the imminent extinction of our biological species, as abrupt, irreversible climate change makes our beautiful planet Earth uninhabitable.

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Late Middle English universe ‘the whole of created or existing things regarded collectively’, from Old French univers, from Latin ūniversum ‘all things, everybody, all people, the whole world’, neuter of ūniversus ‘combined in one, whole, entire’, from uni- ‘one’, from PIE base *oi-no- ‘one, unique’, and versus ‘turned’, past participle of vertere ‘to turn’, from PIE base *wer-¹ ‘to to turn, bend’.

Latin ūniversus is a loan word from Greek to olon ‘the universe’, noun use of neuter of adjective olos ‘whole’, from PIE base *sol-, also root of safe via Latin salvus ‘whole, safe, healthy, well, sound, unhurt, uninjured’.

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