Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Semantic overview

Alice in the looking glassAlice through the looking glassTo provide a conceptual framework for browsing this Glossary, this page contains links to some key words and terms in Panosophy—as the unification of science and spirituality and East and West—by categories of meanings. The guiding principle to finding Inner Peace in this way is the fundamental law of the Universe, which governs the paradoxical world that Alice discovered when she passed through the looking glass in her parents’ drawing room, which John Tenniel delightfully illustrated. It is by following Alice through the looking glass that we can discover a totally different world outside: a world where words take on quite new meanings.

Alice and Humpty DumptyI have been much inspired by Lewis Carroll, both a mathematician and logician, to make such linguistic changes. He tells us that after an exchange with Alice on the meanings of words, Humpty Dumpty said, “ ‘When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”  Yes, in a sense, most linguistic forms in alphabetic writing systems have little relationships to the concepts in the psyche that they are intended to represent. Nevertheless, as the creative power of Life has shown me how to develop a coherent conceptual model of the Totality of Existence, I have needed to take a less anarchical, more systemic approach to language, not unlike the way in which Carroll began his book Symbolic Logic, as a follow-on to Game of Logic,  drawing on the basic concepts of Plato and Aristotle’s reasoning: universals and particulars and subjects and predicates, respectively, at the core of the universal art and science of reason we all implicitly use every day to form concepts and organize our ideas.

However, this is not an intellectual exercise. Rather, the Glossary is firmly based on human experience, which led to an experiment in learning that took me outside the world of form, to view the Totality of Existence from the perspective of Wholeness and the Formless Absolute. For, if we look at our lives from an anthropocentric perspective, we cannot understand humankind’s place within the overall scheme of things. To do so, Life needs to awaken our innate Self-reflective Intelligence, free of our cultural conditioning.

The terms themselves contain many other hyperlinks, all fitting together as a coherent whole, like pieces in a gigantic, multidimensional jigsaw puzzle. The Glossary index, automatically generated, contains links to all terms in the database.

The overview begins with terms that relate to the Cosmic Context and Gnostic Foundation for all our learning, unifying the concepts of Universe and God with the Sanskrit word Satchitānada ‘Bliss of Absolute Truth and Consciousness’. It continues with terms that relate to the fundamental law of the Universe, which shows that beings that complement or oppose each other are never separate, even those that look paradoxical or contradictory.

Next are terms that describe the Method for integrating all knowledge into a coherent whole, as the coordinating framework and reasoning principles for learning about ourselves and the world we live in. These correspond to the data and semantic modelling methods of information systems architects in business, which are associated with ontology and epistemology in metaphysics.

The result is a total transformation of the world of learning, revealing the Universe’s innermost secrets beneath the surface of things. By uncovering what is mostly hidden from view, we gain fresh insights into our evolutionary story—about our Origin and Destiny as a species. Most significantly, this tells us why the pace of change in society is accelerating exponentially and why society is degenerating into chaos at the moment.

Furthermore, we learn that Homo sapiens, as a biological species, is not immortal, and that one day, much sooner than most are yet ready to contemplate, a generation of children will be born who will not grow old enough to have children of their own. The next groups of terms address this critical issue, under the rubrics of psychodynamics of society and existential crisis, whose further causes we need to bring to light.

Finally, we can only resolve this crisis through profound spiritual awakening, wisely living in union with the Divine, from which we are never separate. To what extent we could support each other in this great healing and liberating adventure is explored in some terms that relate to our human relationships and the social institutions that govern our lives.

Contextual Foundation

Absolute, Wholeness, Oneness, Origin, Source, Supreme Being, God, Divinity, Providence; Universe, Cosmos, Cosmic Psyche, Totality of Existence; Consciousness, Ocean of Consciousness, Light of Consciousness, SatchitānadaSelf-reflective Intelligence; Transcendence, Immanence, Presence, Essence, Nonduality; Love, Truth; Brahman, Ātman, Tat tvam asi, Śūnyatā, Tathatā, Dao.

Fundamental law of the Universe

Principle of Unity, Cosmic Equation, Hidden Harmony, Janus; dual, duality, dualism, primary-secondary relationships; Principle of DualityCircle of Duality, Cross of Duality, Triangle of Duality.

Coordinating framework

Integral Relational LogicIntegral Operating System, meta-algebra; primal concepts, Datum, data, element, relationship, being, form, structure.

Reasoning principles

Concept formation, clarity, simplicity, integrity, consistency; set, class, entity, attribute, relation, dimension; network, hierarchy, association; taxonomy, category, type, species; axiom, assumption; method, system, reason, intuition, meaning, interpretation.

World of learning

Cosmic Context, Gnostic Foundation; unanswered questions in science, Panosophy, Unified Relationships Theory, Theory of Everything, Four Spheres, Grand DesignCosmology, Implicate Order, Samādhi; academic disciplines, science, philosophy, theology, mathematics, Gnostic psychology; psyche, wisdom, intelligence, consciousness, awareness, mind; infinite dimensions of space, two dimensions of time.

Our evolutionary story

Alpha Point, Life, miracle, vitality, impulse, emanate, emergence; evolution, holism, hologenesis, growth, exponential growth; Evolution’s Accumulation Point, history of the Earth, geological time scale, evolution on Earth, human evolution; Self-reflectiveness, human, humanity; energy, synergy; creativity, noveltyanomaly; visionary; Omega Point.

Psychodynamics of society

Society, culture, civilizations, psychodynamics, causality, spectrum of consciousness; cultural conditioning, sick society, fragmentation, cultural delusion, split soul, schizopsychosis, taboo, Jonah Syndrome; breaking the taboo, evolutionary convergence.

Human-machine relationships

Thought experiment, function, know, think; artificial intelligence, computability; transhumanism.

Existential crisis

Climate change, mass extinctions, Doomsday Clock, eschatology, existential risks, self-reinforcing feedback loops, aerosol-masking effect.

Spiritual journey

Cosmogonic Cycle, Stillness, apocalypse; emergence, transcend, immansetranspersonal, inpersonal; way, meditation, yoga, Jñāna yoga, svadharma, ColluminationSamādhi, Gnosis, Prajñā.

Realizing our transfinite potential

Human, humanity, sage; transhumanism, superhuman; identity, love, community; ego, self; Third Way, Paragonian; divination.


Information system, architect, governance, media, news; evolutionary; work.