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Writings 2022

As winter turns to spring here in Sweden, to maintain Inner Peace while Vladimir Putin orders brutal Russian troops to invade Ukraine, I have written five one-sheet monographs, titled ‘Revealing the Truth’, ’Our Quest for World Peace’, ‘A Holoramic Vision’, ‘The Mathematical Universe’, and ‘Describing the Ineffable’. They provide a summary of the transformative, psychosocial, mathematical, and mystical aspects of the 100-page memoir I wrote in the autumn of 2021, titled Humankind: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we heading?

Then in the spring, to celebrate fulfilling a major purpose of my life, I wrote a 12-page memoir, titled ‘Reflections on My Eightieth Birthday’. This has been inspired by Bertrand Russell, who had similar objects in life and who also wrote an essay with this title when he reached his eighties. On the day that the Russians celebrated the end of the Second World War in Europe, I then wrote a short piece titled ‘What Has Happened to Us?’ to answer a question that a physician friend posed in a poem. Inspired by feedback I received from these pieces, I have written another one-sheet article titled ‘Gnostic Psychology: The Primary Science’, as a succinct summary of where I am coming from.

However, a Jungian psychologist has told me that with so many cooks stirring the broth, it is difficult to find a way through the language and argument each of them uses. I have attempted to resolve this dilemma with the incomplete Glossary on this website, acting like an information systems architect, focusing on universal generalities, rather than the particulars of specialists. But such an integrative endeavour is unlikely to succeed in the collective. For changing the meanings of words can only be based on the radical transformation of consciousness that arises from within through profound Gnostic understanding. So, to emphasize that I am still content with ‘what is’, despite such misunderstandings, I have written three further monographs titled ‘The Power of Reason’, ‘Being a Pioneer’, and ‘Enjoying Wholeness’.

As the result of this wonderful period of creativity during the merry month of May, I have realized why the primary purpose of my life is radically different from those seeking to change the world through a new paradigm in science. I explain what I mean in one final monograph titled ‘Contemplating Ultimate Reality’.

As the way that I have been living my life for over forty years has not resolved the psychosocial challenges I have been facing since I was an infant, it is time, as I enter my eighties, to take my life in quite a new direction, no longer attempting to make a worthwhile contribution to society that few understand and appreciate.

Continuing to live in solitude, one option that I have is to finish the book on Unifying Mysticism and Mathematics that I wanted to read as a mathematics undergraduate in the early 1960s, thereby consummating the sacred marriage between science and spirituality. This book describes how evolution has reached its glorious culmination at its Omega Point by taking the abstractions of mathematics, computer science, and information systems modelling methods in business to the utmost level of generality. For, as Einstein said in an appreciation of Emmy Noether in 1935,

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas. One seeks the most general ideas of operation which will bring together in simple, logical and unified form the largest possible circle of formal relationships. In this effort toward logical beauty spiritual formulas are discovered necessary for the deeper penetration into the laws of nature.

The first two chapters titled ‘Business Modelling’ and ‘Integral Relational Logic’ describe how the transcendent algebra of algebras or meta-algebra that David Bohm sought to establish his theory of the Implicate Order as sound science has evolved from the data modelling methods underlying the Internet.

Having shown how the incompatibilities between quantum and relativity theories and all other opposites can be reconciled in Wholeness, the final three chapters then present mathematics as a generative science of patterns and relationships, which emerges directly from the Divine Origin of the Universe. They are titled ‘From Zero to Transfinity’, ‘Sequences, Series, and Spirals’, and ‘Growth of Algebraic Structures’.

Drafts of the first three chapters, together with a Prologue and Epilogue from January 2019, and the fourth are available for download. The fifth is much more of a challenge to write, as algebraic structures have grown in amazing complexity since Joseph-Louis Lagrange wrote Réflexions sur la résolution algébrique des équations 250 years ago, not yet translated into English.

Most significantly, while there are many beautiful patterns in mathematics, some of them defy predictable, algorithmic understanding, demonstrating that we do not live in a mechanistic Universe, as many still believe today. We humans are the leading edge of evolution, with infinite potential, not computers with so-called artificial general intelligence.

I wrote these words in June. However, in July, another opportunity to communicate my inner essence arose from an online summer series of six two-hour sessions that the Pari Center in Italy held that month titled ‘Beyond Bohm: Imagination, Creativity, Dialogue’. These were extended the following month with a further six two-hour sessions titled ‘Beyond Bohm: David Bohm and Philosophy’.

As the creative power of Life emanating from the Source has carried me beyond Bohm, I have written an essay titled ‘The Divine Origin of Creativity’ describing why we need to break the most fundamental taboo of Western civilization if we are to intelligently resolve the great existential crisis we all face today.

As an addendum and introduction, giving some more details of my life’s journey and my difficult relationship to the prevailing culture, I have written three articles, which have evolved from four, through six, to twelve pages. They are titled, ‘Living at Evolution’s Glorious Culmination’, ‘The Wise Society’, and ‘Transforming Bohm’s Cosmology’.

As I received no response from Bohm’s followers to this last piece, I have realized that I need to go deeper, speaking from the utmost depths of my being. Accordingly, I have written an article titled ‘Wholeness Speaks’, inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s Stillness Speaks, Ramesh S. Balsekar‘s Consciousness Speaks, and Vimala Thakar’s Spirituality and Social Action: A Holistic Approach. So, I am now writing more for spiritual seekers interested in social action than academics, still much constrained by the infrastructure of their profession.

Name Pages Date Size
Describing the Ineffable 2 Feb 2022 135K
The Mathematical Universe 2 Mar 2022 191K
A Holoramic Vision 2 Mar 2022 485K
Our Quest for World Peace 2 Mar 2022 211K
Revealing the Truth 2 Mar 2022 127K
Reflections on My Eightieth Birthday 12 May 2022 7.9M
What Has Happened to Us? 2 May 2022 205K
Gnostic Psychology: The Primary Science 2 May 2022 175K
Enjoying Wholeness 2 May 2022 88K
Being a Pioneer 2 May 2022 136K
The Power of Reason 2 May 2022 1.0M
Contemplating Ultimate Reality 2 May 2022 90K
The Divine Origin of Creativity 43 Jul 2022 9.6M
Living at Evolution’s Glorious Culmination 4 Aug 2022 171K
The Wise Society 6 Aug 2022 540K
Transforming Bohm’s Cosmology 12 Sep 2022 1.9M
Wholeness Speaks 18 Oct 2022 1.8M