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Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

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Writings 2023

My main creative writing at the beginning of 2023 was to continue revising the hyperlinked Glossary of terms that I began in 2013, when this website was set up.

However, as I was profoundly sensing The Presence of Wholeness as I was writing these entries, including their etymologies, in March, I felt moved to write a four-page article describing what was and is happening to me.

Later that month, news headlines were abuzz with many software systems that seemed to be able to perform tasks that appear human in origin, claiming to be the product of machines with artificial intelligence.

Of course, this is a delusion, for human intelligence is not mechanistic. It functions through the creative power of Life in the Eternal Now, in the vertical dimension of time, not the horizontal of the past and future.

So, to test what ChatGPT knew about the fundamental questions of human existence, I asked it several questions at the beginning of April. The questions and answers are contained in the file ChatGPT’s Replies to Questions.

Then to emphasize the distinction between human learning and computers executing mechanistic, deep-learning algorithms, in June, I began a new way of presenting my life’s work as The Final Frontier of Human Learning.

Name Pages Date Size
The Presence of Wholeness 4 Mar 2023 237K
ChatGPT’s Replies to Questions 15 Apr 2023 198K
The Final Frontier of Human Learning 2 Jun 2023 164K