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Welcome to the Age of Light

The Age of Light is a world governed by just one law, the fundamental design principle of the Universe, called the Principle of Unity: Wholeness is the union of all opposites. This primordial, natural law, known to Heraclitus as the ‘Hidden Harmony’ and to Lao Tzu as Tao ‘the Way’, is an irrefutable truth, applicable in all situations.

For any attempt to deny the truth of the Principle of Unity with egoic, either-or thinking is the opposite of its affirmation with holistic, both-and thinking, confirming its universal truth. This is the closest we can come in words to the Absolute Truth, which actually is nameless, like the Essence of the Tao.

The Principle of Unity is also called the Cosmic Equation, the simple, elegant equation that can explain everthing in the much sought-for Theory of Everything. The Hidden Harmony is thus the master key that unlocks all the innermost secrets of the Universe, such as what it is, who we are, where we have come from, and where we are all heading in the most frantic rush.

To reveal the Hidden Harmony, all we need to do is return to the Origin of the Universe, as the Divine Source of Life, penetrating to the utmost depth of the Cosmic Psyche, free of the sense of a separate self, as mystics have taught through the ages.

When we live our lives ignorant of the Law, we live in darkness or at best half light as this universal truth is partially revealed to us. For as Carl Gustav Jung commented, either-or thinking is “a mark of barbarism”. In contrast, Jung recognized that unifying opposites is the key to mental health, leading to a harmonious, cooperative both-and system of thought and way of life.

As a consequence of our ignorance, Western civilization, in particular, is a culture built on shifting sands—from logic, mathematics, and philosophy, through science, medicine, and psychology, to religion, politics, and economics. For education, business, and law all deny the irrefutable truth of the basic law of the Universe.

As such an inherently unstable society is unsustainable, the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics is being set up as a safe haven for all those who wish to heal their split minds, living in harmony with the Hidden Harmony, realizing their fullest potential as superintelligent, superconscious beings before the inevitable extinction of our species.

Specifically, the Alliance acts as a network of networking networks, harmonizing and accelerating evolutionary convergence by helping to integrate the global social movements of Spiritual Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Sharing Economy into a coherent whole, necessary if evolution is to lead us into World Peace.

By realizing our True Nature in this delightful way, we could collectively transform today’s Information and Knowledge Society into the Wisdom Society, and thence into the eschatological Mystical Society, where people would live egolessly and peacefully at the end of time, free of the existential fear of death and God, and hence Love and Freedom.

Do please join us in this great adventure in whatever capacity you can offer. My name is Paul Hague, and you are most welcome to contact me at paul at

We are a species that has lost its way. …  A new species is arising on the planet. It is arising now, and you are it!

-Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose

About the Alliance

The Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics can best be seen as a social experiment for all those seeking to live in union with the Divine. Grounded in Love, the Divine Essence we all share, we explore radically new ways of learning and communicating, intelligently and consciously governed by the Principle of Unity, the hitherto hidden fundamental law of the Universe, which enlightens our lives.

In the Age of Light, we allies act as mirrors for each other, reflecting what we are learning, rather like jewels in Indra’s Net in Huayan Buddhism. As unique beings, no one has the moral authority to tell another what or how to learn. The Alliance is thus a school for autodidacts, seeking to understand themselves through self-inquiry, free of the mechanistic collective, cultural, and personal conditioning that prevents us from understanding humanity’s place in the overall scheme of things.

All we can collectively know with Absolute Certainty is that the Coherent Light of Consciousness provides the Cosmic Context and Gnostic foundation for all our lives. Self-reflective Intelligence—the Divine quality that distinguishes humans from the other animals and machines, like computers—is the eyesight of Consciousness, able to see both sides of any situation.

From the mystical perspective, the Alliance is similar to a Buddhist sangha, a community of seekers of the Truth through a dying process of involution, as the world of form egolessly dissolves into the Immortal, Formless Ground of Being. For, as Thich Nhat Hanh has foreseen, the next Buddha—as Maitreya, the ‘Loving one’—can only be a global community practising mindful living rather than an individual. As Bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism well know, no one can be fully awakened until everyone is; there is no personal enlightenment.

This is especially the case when a community seeks to live in harmony with the Hidden Harmony, practising an intelligent, both-and way of life in a creative, evolutionary manner. For those who are ignorant of this primordial law often seek to pull people away from Stillness, Truth, and the Presence of the Divine with anthropocentric, either-or thinking, erroneously believing that we are separate, autonomous beings who have the free will to take responsibility for our lives.

Of course, this is not a black-and-white situation. As the Nondual Absolute is ever present, many oscillate between both-and and either-or thinking, not fully aware of the primary-secondary relationship between the Divine and human perspectives. In Reality, we are Divine beings having a human experience, rather than the other way round. So when we live constantly in union with Nonduality, all conflicts that we witness in the dual and dualistic world of form disappear.

There is then no longer a global crisis outside us to be dealt with. As our minds create our reality, any existential fears that arise from the existential threat of machines with artificial intelligence, climate change, or the imminent collapse of the global economy, for instance, lie within us. The Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics is thus not on an anthropocentric crusade to change the world, for any such activity takes us away from the Truth, from Love and Peace.

Nevertheless, in practical terms, there is much that we can do to help our children and grandchildren to awaken to Total Freedom, liberated from the schizoid delusions that have been blindly passed from generation to generation for hundreds and thousands of years.

As evolution passes through the most momentous turning point in its fourteen billion-year history, no one can predict how events will unfold in the coming days, weeks, months, years, and decades. Following the invention of the stored-program computer in the middle of the last century, all we can know is that nothing—absolutely nothing—can remain as it has done for the past several thousand years of human history.

In a time when the survival of the human race is in question, continuing with the status quo is to cooperate with insanity, to contribute to chaos. … Do we have the vitality to go beyond the narrow, one-sided views of human life and to open ourselves to totality, wholeness? The call of the hour is to move beyond the fragmentary, to awaken to total revolution.

-Vimala Thakar, Spirituality and Social Action: A Holistic Approach

Spiritual Renaissance

The essence of the Spiritual Renaissance taking place in the West today is that an increasing number of spiritual seekers are realizing that they live in union with the Divine. This is in contrast to what the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam teach, for they all assert that there is a great gulf between the Creator and created that can never be bridged.

Specifically, these monotheistic religions distance humanity from the Transcendent Absolute, whose existence they acknowledge, providing the Cosmic Context for all our lives. Accordingly, it is a cultural taboo to affirm, “I am Love,” which is our Authentic Self, the Immanent Divine Essence that we all share.

To avoid charges of heresy and blasphemy, “Even the mystics of Jewish and Christian tradition who seek to find their identity in God often are careful to acknowledge the abyss that separates them from their divine Source,” Elaine Pagels tells us. One who didn’t was Meister Eckhart, the pre-eminent Christian mystic, who said, “The eye with which I see God is the same as that with which he sees me.” Another who didn’t was the popular Sufi poet Rumi, who beautifully said, “Love is the sea of not-being and there intellect drowns.”

In contrast, the Rishis who wrote the Upanishads realized that Brahman and Atman—as the Absolute and Self, respectively—are One, declaring Tat tvam asi ‘You are That.’ It is not surprising therefore that many are turning to the East to find spiritual fulfilment, realizing that none of us is separate from the Divine for an instant.

Most significantly, we cannot understand God from an anthropocentric perspective. We can only truly understand what it means to be a human being from a Divine perspective, looking at our lives through the eyes of God.

This is of the utmost practical importance, for when we feel separate from our Immortal Ground of Being, existential fear of death can arise, grievously affecting our behaviour patterns. For instance, all the holy wars—wars about the Whole—which are still ravaging society, are a direct result of this deep split between humanity and the Divine.

Most particularly, this schism prevents us from dealing intelligently with the imminent death of the global economy. That is why stimulating the Spiritual Renaissance is absolutely essential. For, as Shakyamuni Buddha said on his deathbed, “Behold, O monks, this is my last advice to you. All component things in the world are perishable. They are not lasting. Strive on with diligence.”

A 22-page introductory article ‘Recapitulating the Cosmogonic Cycle: Understanding Ourselves’ provides some background to today’s Spiritual Renaissance in the context of the entire history of evolution since the most recent big bang some fourteen billion years ago.

I laugh when I hear that the fish in the water is thirsty.


Scientific Revolution

The essence of today’s revolution in science is twofold. First, scientists are beginning to realize that fundamental problems in astrophysics and quantum physics can only be resolved by recognizing that Consciousness provides the Contextual Foundation for all our lives. Secondly, many can see and feel, as evolution accelerates inexorably towards Wholeness, that no beings in the Universe are ever separate from any other, including the Supreme Being.

To establish these fundamental facts of existence as sound science, we turn what is called ‘science’ today outside in and upside down, focusing attention on inner rather than outer space. For our minds create our reality, and hence our behaviour, not the other way round. First, to put Western civilization back on its feet—for today it is standing on its head—we map the Cosmic Psyche through self-inquiry. Secondly, we are engaged in a contextual inversion, rather than a paradigm change or shift, returning Western science to Reality and the Truth.

This is similar to the Copernican revolution, when Johannes Kepler proved mathematically that the planets ‘circle’ the Sun in ellipses, as they had been doing for four and a half billion years, contrary to the beliefs of the Aristotelians and Christians in the Middle Ages. In today’s heliocentric revolution, we recognize that the Coherent Light of Consciousness exists in Eternity as Ultimate Reality. This is not a new discovery, for mystics have well known this Truth through the ages, calling it, for instance, Satchidananda in Sanskrit, ‘Bliss of Absolute Truth and Consciousness’.

One consequence of the widespread belief that we humans are separate from Divinity, Nature, and each other is that the vast majority of people are living in delusion, to some extent or other. This is not new, for these delusions have been blindly passed from one generation to another for thousands of years, ever since the dawn of human history. In particular, Western civilization is based on seven pillars of unwisdom, misconceptions of God, Universe, Life, humanity, money, justice, and reason. So one of the Alliance’s major activities will be to rebuild the last 5,000 years of learning on the seven pillars of wisdom.

We shall then be able to answer a host of unanswered questions in science, for some are saying that while scientists know much about the physical universe and genetics, they don’t yet understand what they know. By far the most critical of these unanswered questions is “What is causing scientists and technologists, aided and abetted by computer technology, to drive the pace of scientific discovery and technological invention at unprecedented exponential rates of acceleration?” For understanding ourselves through self-inquiry is absolutely essential if we are to intelligently manage our business affairs with full awareness of the creative evolutionary energies that cause us to behave as we do.

A 22-page introductory article ‘Integral Relational Logic: The Art and Science of Consciousness’ and a 250-page treatise titled The Theory of Everything: Unifying Polarizing Opposites in Nondual Wholeness are also available for download, with lots more information on this website.

The way out for the world, … the entry into the superhuman, will … yield only to the thrust of all together in the direction where all can rejoin and complete one another in a spiritual renewal of the Earth.

-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Human Phenomenon

Sharing Economy

Having realized that none of us is separate from the Divine, Nature, or anyone else for an instant, we can invoke the social movements of Spiritual Renaissance and Scientific Revolution to cocreate the life-enhancing Sharing Economy, giving everyone on Earth the opportunity to realize their fullest potential as human beings.

The Sharing Economy is so-named because we all share the same Genuine Identity as the Cosmic Divine. For identity derives from Latin idem ‘same’. Furthermore, information in today’s Information Society has properties that are quite different from commodities. When a teacher gives information to her pupils, nothing is exchanged; they share knowledge, unlike goods we exchange for money in supermarkets, for instance. So in the eschatological Age of Light, we realize that in Reality there is no doership, or indeed ownership, as Advaita sages, like Ramesh S. Balsekar, former president of the Bank of India, teach.

However, this realization is not easy while people are preoccupied with their livelihoods within the economic machine, believing that money is a commodity with value. To effectively deal with humanity’s challenges, we urgently need to establish a work ethic where spiritual awakening and psychological development have top priority, enabling us to recognize that the biggest threats to our health, well-being, and survival as a species are our fear and ignorance, rather than economic collapse, peak oil, rapid climate change, global water crisis, population growth, and species extinction, for instance. A society based on fear rather than Love is not sustainable.

As well as changing the way we work, we also need a radically new system of governance, which the ecophilosopher Henryk Skolimowski appropriately calls Lumenarchy ‘rule through Divine Light’. We can see the increasing ungovernability of society in the polarization of political conservatism and liberalism, from Latin liber ‘free’. Yet, while conservatism is a natural state, called homeostasis ‘same state’ in systems theory, it is not a viable option at these times of accelerating rates of change. As the world of learning is much fragmented and deluded, even democracies are not viable, for they are as tyrannous as the despots they seek to replace.

To demonstrate what the Sharing Economy means in practice, the activities of the Alliance will be consciously governed by the Principle of Unity. Heraclitus called this universal, irrefutable truth the ‘Hidden Harmony’, which Aristotle denied, sending Western thought into the evolutionary cul-de-sac that it finds itself in today.

A 50-page introductory article ‘The Sharing Economy: Transcending the Divisiveness of Money’ explores in some detail the history of money and how we could extricate ourselves from the financial crisis we all face today.

World Peace

World Peace arises from Inner Peace, which we realize when we implicitly or explicitly live in harmony with the Principle of Unity, the principal purpose of Carl Gustav Jung’s healing process of individuation. For being able to see both sides of any situation is a clear sign of Self-reflective Intelligence in action.

This means going beyond hope and despair, optimism and pessimism. For, as the peace-worker James O’Dea has asked, “Can you hold both the meaning of the nightmare and the signs of our collective awakening—because the only way to get a grip on reality is to see that it is indivisible, reflected in both the shadow and the light, the bitter and the sweet.”

The basic reason for our global predicament is that the egoic mind tends to identify itself with one of a pair of opposites, rejecting the other, losing touch with our Authentic Self, which is Formless, Nondual Wholeness. As a consequence, virtually every field of human endeavour is grievously compromised, from mathematics, through religion, to politics, most obvious in people’s belief that God is on their side when nations go to war.

Extricating ourselves from what William Blake aptly called our ‘mind-forged manacles’ is a two-step process. First, we realize that there is a primary-secondary relationship between Nonduality and the dual world of form, living in union with the Divine, in the Eternal Now, the essence of today’s Spiritual Renaissance.

Secondly, recognizing that conflicts are bound to arise in the relativistic world of duality, when they do, we use our Self-reflective Intelligence to come back to Nondual Peace as soon as possible, looking at both sides of any dispute, free of egoic attachment to the outcome. There are thus no moral imperatives in a world that is at Peace with itself.

So, as Bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism well know, no one can be fully awakened until everyone is; there is no individual enlightenment. As Thich Nhat Hanh has foreseen, the next Buddha—as Maitreya, the ‘Loving one’—can only be a community or global sangha, practising mindful living rather than an individual.

Of course, there is actually no ‘how’ for World Peace, which is Timeless, beyond past and future. Nevertheless, the activities of the Alliance will be coordinated through Project Heraclitus, with the motto ‘Revealing the Hidden Harmony’. Project Heraclitus will be organized into three subprojects, Project Agape, Project Aditi, and Project Arjuna, matching the three global movements of Spiritual Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Sharing Economy. These will be driven by the three fundamental energies of Divine Love, Cosmic Consciousness, and Self-reflective Intelligence, emanating, like Life, itself, from the Origin of the Universe.

Project Agape reflects the Greek word agape, used by Christian writers in the New Testament to mean ‘Divine Love’. Aditi is the Divine Matrix, a symbol for Consciousness, as the mother of the Universe in the Rig Veda. In turn, Arjuna was the spiritual warrior in the Hindu classic Bhagavad Gita, invoking time-honoured, both-and spiritual practices to deal intelligently with conflict-ridden, either-or politics.

Love is the sea of not-being and there intellect drowns.