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The highpoint of 2011 was giving a poster presentation at the Science and Nonduality (SAND) conference in San Rafael, California in October. The theme of the conference was ‘The Edge of Time’, so I naturally titled my presentation ‘The Two Dimensions of Time’. I was thus able to present the entire cosmology of cosmologies on a single sheet of paper measuring 8 by 4 feet, about 3 square metres. I also prepared an 8-page handout for delegates at the conference.

In preparation for the conference, I also wrote an essay on ‘The Singularity of Time’, summarizing the various mathematical models of evolution’s most momentous turning point in its fourteen billion-year history, also called its Accumulation Point in systems theory terms. In 2016, this was then expanded into a book titled Through Evolution’s Accumulation Point: Towards Its Glorious Culmination.

Another important essay I wrote in April 2011, revised in September, is titled ‘Being and Truth: An Etymological Study’, as a study of words that have evolved from the PIE bases *es- ‘to be’ and *bheuə- ‘to be, exist, grow’, such as Essence and physics, respectively.

Name Pages Date Size
The Singularity in Time: The Omega Point of Evolutionary Convergence 42 Sep 2011 3.5M
The Two Dimensions of Time, Handout 8 Sep 2011 6.5M
The Two Dimensions of Time, Poster 3m2 Sep 2011
Being and Truth: An Etymological Study 6 Sep 2011 166K