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Articles 2012

I spent the first half of 2012 writing a proposal for Project Heraclitus and a new treatise titled ‘The Principle of Unity’.

The purpose of Project Heraclitus was ‘Intelligently transforming either-or thinking into a both-and way of life, in harmony with the fundamental law of the Universe’. I wrote it to apply for funding from the John Templeton Foundation, which was offering to fund projects within a Core Funding Area titled ‘Breaking New Ground in Science and Religion’, which would “push the science and religion dialogue in fresh directions”.

The subtitle of the treatise is ‘Living Intelligently and Peacefully at the End of Time’. It was inspired by Our Final Century: Will Civilisation Survive the Twenty-First Century? by Martin Rees, former President of the Royal Society and the Astronomer Royal in the UK. The principal purpose of this treatise was to answer three Big Questions of human identity and existence: Who are we?, Where do we come from?, and Where are we going?

As these projects did not receive a positive response, I spent the second half of the year doing the initial design work on a new website and on an in-depth study of the life and work of Charles Sanders Peirce, whose triadic architectonic and studies in mathematical logic led Ted Codd of IBM to develop the relational model of data, from which Integral Relational Logic has evolved.

I initially summarized the results of these inquiries in the Wholeness trilogy, which has not been updated since February 2013, as I felt it would be more productive to work on the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics, writing web pages and shorter articles and treatises.

Name Pages Date Size
Project Heraclitus for John Templeton Foundation 16 Apr 2012 226K
The Principle of Unity: Living Intelligently and Peacefully at the End of Time 204 May 2012 28.2M