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In 2014, I was invited to write two articles, Mystical Pragmatics: Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence and The Coherent Light of Consciousness: Awakening Self-reflective Intelligence.

The first essay was inspired by workshops that Ananta Kumar Giri of the Madras Institute of Development Studies has been holding on Spiritual Pragmatism and Spiritual Pragmatics since February 2011. It was this work that inspired me to set up the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics. This essay was published by the Indus Business Academy in 3D: IBA Journal of Development in its January–June 2014 edition.

The second article was written for the First International Congress on ‘Light and Lumenarchy: Cosmic Designs of the New World’, which was to have been held in Pantnagar (Uttarakhand), India from 7th to 10th November 2014, inspired by Henryk Skolimowski and organized by Vir Singh, Professor of Environmental Science at the GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology. Even though this congress did not take place, this initiative has inspired the Lumenosophy Network, intended to use the brilliant light of Consciousness to heal our dysfunctional society.

To provide a new introduction to the Wholeness trilogy, I then spent six months writing a scholarly treatise on The Theory of Everything, putting this synthesis of all knowledge into its historical and evolutionary perspective.

The most important discovery when writing this treatise was the life and work of Jan Ámos Komenský (Comenius), who Parliament invited to England in 1641 to set up a Pansophic College, intended to teach all things to all women and men of all ages. Although the English civil war brought this initiative to a premature end, the Pansophic College evolved into an ‘Invisible College’ from which the Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge evolved according to its own history.

However, some scholars suggest that the Oxford Experimental Science Club founded by John Wilkins about 1648 was of greater influence, denying that Nature includes the spiritual dimension of human experience, sending Western civilization into the evolutionary dead-end it finds itself in today.

It is the primary purpose of the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics to help us extricate ourselves from this cul-de-sac, co-creating the Theory of Everything, aptly called Panosophy, the transcultural, transdisciplinary megasynthesis of all knowledge.

Name Pages Date Size
Mystical Pragmatics: Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence 13 Jan 2014 699K
The Coherent Light of Consciousness: Awakening Self-reflective Intelligence 7 Mar 2014 497K
The Theory of Everything: Unifying Polarizing Opposites in Nondual Wholeness 250 Sep 2014 27.8M