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In preparation for launching the Alliance in 2016, I have written a trilogy of essays on how evolution is becoming increasingly conscious of itself within us humans through the action of Self-reflective Intelligence and a new book titled The Four Spheres, as the culmination of my life’s work.

The first essay, inspired by the release of The Theory of Everything, a biopic of Stephen W. Hawking, is titled ‘The Cosmic Equation: Unifying All Opposites’. Here we see that evolution can only become conscious of itself when we bring what Heraclitus called the ‘Hidden Harmony’ into consciousness, transforming either-or, egoic thinking into a both-and, holistic way of life, bringing an end to suffering, leading to World Peace. In scientific terms, this essay introduces the simple, elegant equation that can explain everything, which Stephen Hawking has been seeking for nearly fifty years in order to describe the Grand Design of the Universe.

The second essay, inspired by The Imitation Game, a biopic of Alan Turing, is titled ‘The Evolution of Universals: Being a Universal Human’. This essay shows how Plato’s ‘immortal’ Forms and Aristotle’s syllogism and metaphysics have evolved into mathematical logic and hence into a ‘Universal Machine’, which Alan Turing designed in 1936, leading to the ubiquitous stored-program computer, which dominates our lives today. In turn, by reversing what Turing called the ‘imitation game’, evolution is showing us how to organize all our thoughts into universal order, enabling us to to live as a Universal Human, able to see the Cosmos, experienced as Consciousness, as a coherent whole. We humans are the leading edge of evolution, not machines with so-called artificial intelligence.

Ananta Kumar Giri, Vice-President of the Global Harmony Association in Russia and Professor of Sociology in India, has asked me to write the third essay for a book of essays he is editing on Transformative Harmony. My essay is titled ‘Revealing the Hidden Harmony: The Heart of Transformative Harmony’, inspired by Heraclitus’ incredible wisdom. It is thus a deepening and broadening of the essay on ‘The Cosmic Equation’.

During the second half of 2015, I wrote a new book as a summary of my life’s work, inspired by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s four stages of evolution. This treatise is titled The Four Spheres: Healing the Split between Mysticism and Science. The Four Spheres are spiritual, mental, biological, and physical, named Numinosphere, noosphere, biosphere, and hylosphere, respectively.

Not surprisingly, science, business, religion, and education look quite different when viewed from the mystical perspective of the Four Spheres than from the conventional materialistic, mechanistic worldview of Western science. This book thus shows how the theory of evolution is evolving, as evolution becomes increasingly conscious of itself within us humans.

Most significantly, it explains why evolution is currently passing through the most momentous turning point in its fourteen billion-year history, a situation that affects every child, woman, and man living on our beautiful planet Earth.

As an addendum to this book, during the winter of 2016, I wrote a complementary book titled Through Evolution’s Accumulation Point: Towards Its Glorious Culmination, describing how the nonlinear mathematics of dynamical systems—expressed in fractal geometry and chaos theory—can explain why evolution is currently passing through a Spiritual Singularity in time, driving humanity into the chaos we see all around us today.

Name Pages Date Size
The Cosmic Equation: Unifying All Opposites 7 May 2015 275K
The Evolution of Universals: Being a Universal Human 19 May 2015 526K
Revealing the Hidden Harmony: The Heart of Transformative Harmony 13 Oct 2015 1.2M
The Four Spheres: Healing the Split between Mysticism and Science 200 Dec 2015 5.8M
Back cover, The Four Spheres 1 Dec 2015 116K