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Following on from ‘The Sane Society’ in November last year, during the winter of 2016 and 2017, I have written an extended autopsychobiography, covering not only my own ontogeny but also the phylogeny of the human race, titled ‘The Psychodynamics of Society: From Conception to Death’.

After writing this rather lengthy essay, I wrote two two-page flyers, as a summary, as often happens. The first is titled ‘Returning to Reality’, for our experiential and cognitive separation from Reality is the root cause of all the conflict and suffering in the world today, and until we recognize and accept this fact we shall be unable to live peacefully and harmoniously with each other and our environment.

The second titled ‘Awakening Self-reflective Intelligence’ was inspired by DeepMind’s latest efforts to program machines with ‘artificial general intelligence’, reported in The Guardian with the rubric ‘AI is getting brainier: when will the machines leave us in the dust?’, addressing the central existential issue of our times.

Then, following a visit to London, I felt moved to write a new summary of my life’s work, addressing the great challenge of how we could intelligently adapt to our rapidly changing world given the great turmoil in the world today.

This sixteen-page article contained an updated diagram of the Grand Design of the Universe, which I explained in a one-sheet flyer titled ‘The Cosmic Context and Gnostic Foundation for All Our Lives’. For I felt in need of closure, with humanity accelerating towards evolution’s Glorious Culmination on the Edge of Extinction.

This led me to see that we can only really prepare for this evolutionary inevitability when we stand outstand ourselves. In July, I therefore wrote a nineteen-page article titled ‘Standing outside Ourselves’, preparing to relaunch this website for the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics, harmonizing evolutionary convergence.

For this had been hacked in the spring of 2017, leading to my late web designer’s ISP taking it offline. I’ve now ported this to another ISP with improved security, where I have set up a new website using WordPress on the domain name

There I intend to write a blog, presenting myself as a simple, ordinary human being, rather than a genius and prophet who is supposedly living many years ahead of his time.

For we are all interconnected beings, the products of some fourteen billion years of evolution since the most recent big bang. So we cannot really resolve the critical global crisis facing humanity today until we become more aware of our shared purpose as a species through the glorious awakening of Life, Love, Intelligence, and Consciousness.

Name Pages Date Size
The Psychodynamics of Society: From Conception to Death 80 Mar 2017 9.9M
Returning to Reality 2 Mar 2017 96K
Awakening Self-reflective Intelligence 2 Mar 2017 92K
Intelligently Adapting to Our Rapidly Changing World 16 Apr 2017 6.6M
Grand Design of the Universe 1 May 2017 245K
The Cosmic Context and Gnostic Foundation for All Our Lives 2 May 2017 118K
Standing outside Ourselves 19 Jul 2017 5.0M
Unifying Inner Science and Outer Science 8 Sep 2017 182K
Awakening Self-reflective Intelligence: The Eyesight of Consciousness 32 Oct 2017 4.3M