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At the request of Ananta Kumar Giri of the Madras Institute of Development Studies I have written a major revision of the essay on ‘Mystical Pragmatics: Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence’ from the one I wrote four years ago. Ananta plans to publish this essay in a book of similar essays with the title Pragmatism and Spirituality: New Horizons of Theory and Practice and the Calling of Planetary Realizations.

One major change is that in December 2017, I met Guy McPherson, widely regarded as the world’s leading authority on abrupt climate change, in Oslo. Guy told me that a reduction in global dimming could accelerate the extremes of climate change, making the need for the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics even more urgent than I had previously envisaged.

The two-page flyer on ‘Starting Afresh at the Very Beginning’ is a reflection on where my life was in January. More on this in my Reflections blog posts on my website.

In March, I wrote a bibliographical essay to review the challenges of completing the final revolution in science by 2020, showing that Consciousness is all there is and that no human being is ever separate from any other being, including the Supreme Being, for an instant.

Then in June, I was invited to be an adviser to The Galileo Commission, which is seeking to promote a spiritually informed science, beyond a materialistic worldview. To assist this great awakening of intelligence and consciousness along, I have written an essay titled ‘The Voice of Experience’, as a succinct summary of my life’s work.

On 7th and 8th September, I attended a conference in London on ‘Exceptional Experiences’ organized by the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology (CEP) section of the British Psychological Society (BPS). I prepared a four-page handout for the conference, titled ‘Two Sciences of the Mind’, which are mathematical logic—as the science of mind and reason—and psychology—as the science of mind and consciousness. The last two pages of this handout contain five diagrams summarizing the evolutionary situation humanity faces today, as evolution has now passed through its most momentous turning point since the most recent big bang some fourteen billion years ago.

During this summer and autumn, I have also been working on one final book to feel complete with my writing career. It is titled Unifying Mysticism and Mathematics: To Realize Love, Peace, Wholeness, and the Truth, with an overview and bionote on the back cover. So far, a draft Prologue and first chapters on Business Modelling and Integral Relational Logic are available. I plan to write the other three chapters and the Epilogue from the autumn of 2018 to the summer of 2019.

Name Pages Date Size
Mystical Pragmatics: Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence 13 Jan 2018 406K
Starting Afresh at the Very Beginning 2 Jan 2018 113K
Panosophical Bibliography: Completing the Final Revolution in Science 32 Apr 2018 4.9M
The Voice of Experience 28 Jul 2018 6.5M
Two Sciences of the Mind, handout for Exceptional Experiences conference 4 Sep 2018 1.1M
Unifying Mysticism and Mathematics, Prologue, Business Modelling, and Integral Relational Logic 137 Oct 2018 13.4M
Unifying Mysticism and Mathematics, Covers 2 Oct 2018 322K