Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Concept formation

Tower of BabelTo see the Universe as it is, rather than viewing it through distorting filters, as we are taught to do in school, university, and business today, we first demolish the Tower of Babel, which represents the fragmented confusion of the world of learning, as it is today.

In other words, we completely empty the mind of everything that we humans think we have learnt about God, the Universe, and humanity during the past 25,000 years, rather like spiritual seekers meditating with ‘No-mind’.

Starting afresh at the very beginning in this manner is rather like a kundalini awakening, as if a big bang erupts in the utmost depth of the Cosmic Psyche, enabling us to build a brand-new Universe on sound foundations. By thus starting an experiment in learning at the Alpha Point of evolution, we realize our fullest potential as superintelligent, superconscious beings at evolution’s Omega Point, for Alpha and Omega are one by the Principle of Unity.

From this tabula rasa ‘blank slate’, free of our sub- and unconscious collective, cultural, and personal conditioning, we form concepts in a thoroughly egalitarian manner, without making any of them special, such as space, time, matter, self, humanity, or God. Like information systems architects in business, we view the Cosmos in terms of structure, form, relationship, and meaning, rather than the earth, fire, air, and water of the ancients, egolessly treating all forms and structures with equal value.

Concept formation is then incredibly simple. We need a few primal concepts as the basic building blocks of our map of the Universe, denoted by bold font. First, we view all the beings arising from the Datum of the Universe as meaningless data patterns, which we interpret as meaningful information and knowledge by paying careful attention to the similar differences and different similarities in these patterns.

Patterns that are similar within some context, we put into sets, a concept that formed the basis of the ‘new maths’ in the 1960s, taught to seven to ten-year-olds. A set is simply a way of grouping similar items, which children learn in the nursery by seeing similar and different shapes and colours, for instance, such as triangles, squares, and circles, and red, green, and blue. The concepts of two and three are formed in exactly the same way, showing that we cannot consciously form the concept of number three, for instance, until we understand the concept of set. Semantics is thus a more fundamental discipline than mathematics.

That’s it. If we consistently follow these few simple rules, we bring all our thoughts into universal order. Individual consciousness then deepens and expands to such a degree that it becomes coterminous with Consciousness itself, as Ultimate Reality. We then realize that we are Divine, Cosmic creatures having a human experience, rather than humans vainly seeking to understand our relationship to God and the Universe.