Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Contextual Foundation

The Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics is functioning within the Cosmic Context and upon the Gnostic Foundation of the traditional mystical worldview rather than the space-time context of materialistic, mechanistic science, which has no foundation, out of touch with Reality.

In other words, we recognize that Consciousness is Ultimate Reality, that physical universes and their components, including the brain, emerge from Consciousness, and that all beings in the manifest Universe are related to each other, never separate from God, Nature, or any other being for an instant.

The key features of this Cosmology of cosmologies are outlined in a series of short pages, beginning here, explaining each point as simply as possible. For underlying the complexity of the world we live in is one core pattern that generates  all the patterns that underlie the entire Cosmos as an ordered Whole.

When we see this simple pattern by looking into the depth and breadth of the Cosmic Psyche with Self-reflective Intelligence—the Divine quality that distinguishes humans from the other animals and machines, like computers—evolution becomes fully conscious of itself within us.

We then live our lives in Love and Peace and manage our business affairs with full understanding of what we are doing, answering the vital questions about humanity’s place in the overall scheme of things that have puzzled humans for thousands of years, such as “Who are we?”, “Where have we come from?”, and “Where are we heading?”.