Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Glossary introduction

Because of humankind’s ignorance of what is causing us humans to behave as we do, we do not have a language in which to express our discoveries as they are revealed to us through open-minded, open-hearted self-inquiry. This Glossary is an attempt to shine some light into the darkness by blowing away the clouds of unknowing that inhibit us from realizing our fullest potential as members of the species that Carl Linnaeus named Homo sapiens ‘wise human’ in 1758.

RelativityFor myself, I began my adventurous journey of self-discovery by studying the way that humans interact with computers through A Programming Language (APL). I was doing so to see if it would be possible for computers to program themselves without human intervention. I felt that answering this question would help me understand the essential difference between intelligent humans and machines with so-called artificial general intelligence.

Indeed, it did. For my curiosity led a big bang to erupt in the utmost depths of my psyche at 11:30 on 27th April 1980, as I was strolling across Wimbledon Common in London to the pub for lunch. At the time, I was developing an innovative marketing programme for Decision Support Systems for IBM (UK), at the dawn of the Information Society.

This life-changing epiphany happened to me so that I could answer the most critical unanswered question in science: What is causing scientists and technologists, aided and abetted by computer technology, to drive the pace of scientific discovery and technological development at unprecedented exponential rates of acceleration?

The principal reason why this question is not on the agenda of any research institution in the world is that to answer it we need to dive beneath the surface of the material universe into the utmost depths of the Cosmic Psyche, the 99% of the Universe that is inaccessible to our five senses. For this is where all concepts and mathematical objects hide before they are expressed externally in a wide variety of languages and other forms.

Methodically mapping the inner world we all share is essential if we are to sort out the mess the world is in today with a radically new science of causality, openly acknowledging the synergistic power of nonphysical psychospiritual energies within us all. Such exquisite experiences provide the basis for the elusive art of inner science, which has helped me to understand what it truly means to be a creative human, in contrast to the other animals and mechanistic computers.

These evolutionary studies have thereby given me much joy, as I have explored the fascinating, beautiful world that has been concealed and kept secret for so long. For they have enabled me to bring the Divine Origin of the Universe into the theory of evolution, which Charles Darwin omitted in On the Origin of Species in 1859. Furthermore, Life has taught me to solve the ultimate problem of human learning—known today as the Theory of Everything—which scientists since Albert Einstein have been attempting to solve within the narrow confines of physics

In practical terms, as an information systems architect in business, such self-awareness has been essential to visualize the long-term psychological and economic implications of humanity’s growing dependency on information technology. For, it is illogical to suppose that technological development can drive economic growth indefinitely—for infinite time.

So, if we are to realize our fullest potential as a species, the only viable way forward for humanity is a life-giving system of governance that is based on the transcultural modelling methods underlying the Internet, unconstrained by the financial modelling methods of economists, bankers, and accountants.

However, as none of us is ever separate from the Divine for an instant, we are not autonomous beings with the free will to do whatever we want. So, such a harmonious way of living together cannot happen through human choice. Rather, as we are all the products of some fourteen billion years of evolution, all any of us can do in life is trust in Life, having the inner confidence that what happens or doesn’t is what is meant to be.

In my case, by starting afresh at the very beginning—free of everything that humans have learnt since the dawn of history—the creative power of Life, emanating from the Divine Origin of the Cosmos, has miraculously healed my split psyche, fragmented mind, and divided brain in Wholeness, where there are no longer any divisions within me between science, philosophy, and religion or between any other cultural categories of thought.

However, even though we are all interconnected, the fantastic liberating life experience I have enjoyed since the spring of 1980 places me in something of a social dilemma. To understand our origin as a species and realize our transfinite potential as humans, I have been following an enlightening work ethic as an autodidact, free of the divisiveness of the global economy, the finiteness of the money supply, and the conservatism of academia.

Furthermore, to reveal the Inner Peace of Nonduality—by ending the long-running war between science and spirituality—I have needed to change the meanings of many words, not the least of which are Universe and God, as they have traditionally been understood by physicists and Christians, respectively. As a consequence, I have lived mostly as an outsider since I was seven years old, questioning the assumptions on which the unstable infrastructure of our conflict-ridden society are based.

Nevertheless, by studying etymology, whose own root is Greek etumos ‘real, true’, I have discovered that beneath the differences in the languages we use to communicate with each other, we all live in the same Universe, no matter what our cultural background or specialist interests might be. As we are a pattern-making species, seeking regularities in the world we live in, I have found that the underlying structure of the Cosmos and society is a multidimensional network of hierarchical relationships.

This is most evident when studying what David Bohm aptly called the ‘archaeology of language’, tracing our cognitive development as a species through the evolution of language, back to the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) language wherever possible, for this putative language is the common ancestor of Sanskrit and most of the European languages.

Most significantly, by studying the conceptual structures underlying this linguistic development, I have been able to see the way that humans have struggled to understand a world in which structures are constantly combining and separating, cooperating and competing, and growing and decaying, leading to the confusion that academia, business, and politics are in today.

RelativityM. C. Escher brilliantly illustrated the enigmatic, paradoxical world we live in in his lithograph Relativity, illustrating the fundamental law of the Universe at work, expressed as the Principle of Unity, which states, Wholeness is the union of all opposites. At the utmost level of abstraction, all we need to know to live in love, peace, and harmony with each other is A and not-A is A. Nothing could be simpler or more beautiful than this paralogical way of life.

To unravel the mystery of life, bringing universal order to the psychological, ecological, economic, scientific, philosophical, and religious chaos the world is in today, I have needed to introduce a number of new terms, importing some words from the East, especially from Sanskrit, to break the Western taboo of living in union with the Divine, free of the fear of death.

To provide further background to the Glossary, do please browse through the next few pages on the Contextual Foundation & framework, The meaning triangle, the Proto-Indo-European language, and Glossary sources. There then follow four pages of indexes to help navigation, the first on Semantic overview, grouping many words by meanings, from the most abstract to the terms we use everyday in our institutions and relationships with each other. The other three are automatically generated by the software: Glossary index, alphabetical Summary of terms, and Common-ancestor roots, mostly from the Proto-Indo-European language, where these are known.

I began constructing this Glossary in 2012, as an appendix to a 1300-page trilogy on Wholeness, as an amalgamation of some 30 years of free-spirited writing to that date. I have occasionally worked on it since that time, mostly contained in several evolving books and essays. But since the autumn of 2022, I have been consolidating these philological studies as a profound meditative exercise, following the publication of an 18-page autobiographical article ‘Wholeness Speaks’, on the great existential crisis we all face today at the end of time.

Then in the summer and autumn of 2023, I wrote two further autobiographical articles outlining my soul story, of 60 and 20 pages, titled respectively Solving the Ultimate Problem of Human Learning and Realizing the Truth.