Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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In Panosophy, Absolute denotes what is ineffably experienced in union with the Divine, where the experiencer, as an apparently separate being, dissolves into the Formless—as the union of Nonduality and the relativistic, dual world of form.


In Panosophy, the concept of abstraction can first be viewed as the process of viewing the waves and currents on and beneath the vast Ocean of Consciousness as apparently separate beings. As it is illusory to view these abstractions as disconnected from the underlying Reality, they are māyā in the world of form.

academic disciplines

As the analytical mind is constantly seeking to divide the world we live in into categories, the world of learning has been fragmented into a multitude of specialist academic disciplines. This is a problem that much troubled David Bohm, who opened Wholeness and the Implicate Order with these words:


Denotes the Absolute alone. Advaita is not a philosophy or religion and should not be confused with Advaita-Vedanta, one of the three branches of Vedanta, the others being Dvaita-Vedanta (‘dualistic’) and Vishishtavaita-Vedanta (‘quaified nondualism’).

When we know the nondual Absolute in the depth of our being, we know that there is no separate entity that can be said to do or own anything; there is no doership or ownership.

Advaita is thus a way of life that is grounded on the Absolute, like Zen and Tao.

Age of Light

The Age of Light is the last of the four stages of some fourteen billion years of evolution. The first three stages are represented by the horizontal line on the left of the schema for the Grand Design of the Universe. The final stage is depicted by the vertical lines, showing evolution taking a radically new change of direction, complementing traditional involutionary spiritual paths, such as Jñāna yoga.