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Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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The Human Situation

We humans are all the products of some fourteen billion years of evolution since the most recent big bang. We would not be where we are today without all these aeons of development. We can see what this means for our future as a species from two ways of mapping the whole of evolution.

First, we can use Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s four stages of evolution—physical, biological, mental, and spiritual—to see that we are currently in a transition period between what we can call the mental-egoic age (the self-centred me-epoch, focused on conflict and competition) and the age of universal spirituality (the socially centred us-epoch, focused on peace and cooperation).

This comprehensive evolutionary model is explained in a book published in December 2015 titled The Four Spheres: Healing the Split between Mysticism and Science. The back cover provides a summary.

Secondly, by viewing the 13.8 billion years of evolutionary history as a single dynamical system, we can use the amazingly simple equations of nonlinear mathematics to show that evolution’s major turning points correspond to bifurcations in chaos theory, forming an infinite geometric series of diminishing terms that terminates at evolution’s Accumulation Point, sometimes called a Singularity in time, happening right now.

Through Evolution’s Accumulation Point: Towards Its Glorious Culmination, published in April 2016, describes this Cosmic way of looking at our lives together. The back cover provides a summary.

What these two evolutionary models show is that we live at unprecedented times. The certainties that have governed our lives and human affairs during the patriarchal epoch are no longer applicable—not sustainable. If we are to realize our fullest potential as a species, we need to wake up, finding quite new ways of educating our children and managing our business affairs, which is well understood by a growing number of awakening people today.

For instance, many spiritual teachers in the human potential movement are helping their students find their life’s purpose and intention, fulfilling their destiny as individuals. Also, concerned scientists are well aware of the many existential risks that science and technology could present us with in the coming years, not the least from machines with so-called artificial general intelligence.

Therein lies the clue to how we could extricate ourselves out of the mess we find ourselves in today. The long cause-and-effect chain going right back to what Aristotle called the ‘Unmoved Mover’ and what Thomas Aquinas called ‘God’ appears to be mechanistic, acting solely in the horizontal dimension of time.

Yet, as mystics through the ages have discovered, there is also a vertical dimension of time, called the Eternal Now, where Life, bubbling up from our Divine Source, like a fountain, creates forms, structures, and meaningful relationships that have never been seen before.

We can rise above the level of our machines, and hence evolution’s apparent mechanistic tendencies, by aligning our individual life’s purposes and intentions with that of the Divine Cosmos, free of our cultural and personal conditioning. This is the raison d’être for the Alliance, outlined in a one-sheet flyer titled ‘Aligning Humanity’s Collective Life’s Purpose and Intention with the Cosmos’.