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Letting in the Light

When we are children, we go to school to learn about the world that we shall be working in as adults, bringing up children of our own. The assumption is that our education tells us something about the truth of life on Earth, about what it means to be a human being, and about our relationship to God and the Universe.

Coherent Light of ConsciousnessNothing could be further from the Truth, as the mystics have discovered through the ages. For instance, an anonymous fourteenth-century English mystic observed that our cultural conditioning inserts a cloud of unknowing between ourselves and the Coherent Light of Consciousness, radiating brilliantly and directly from the Divine Origin of the Universe.

As a consequence, most of us are living in darkness, at best half-light, managing our business affairs with little understanding of the creative evolutionary energies that cause us to behave as we do. This is a little like driving faster and faster along the highway with our eyes closed, a way of life that can only lead to disaster.

With the world currently degenerating into more and more chaos, as the mathematics predicts, it is time to awaken to a New Dawn, letting in the Light that is necessary for evolution to become fully conscious of itself at these times of unprecedented rates of change. For Self-reflective Intelligence is the eyesight of Consciousness, the Divine quality that distinguishes humans from the other animals and machines, like computers.

Distinguished scientists living in darkness are regularly telling the general public that they are about to build robots with artificial general intelligence that will take over the workplace, making humanity redundant in the next decade or two. But when we remove the clouds of unknowing that separate us from Reality, we discover that we humans have immense unfulfilled potential to evolve into a superintelligent, superconscious species living in love, peace, and harmony with each other in the Age of Light at the end of time.

In terms of Ken Wilber’s three-tier spectrum of consciousness, the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics is intended to be a vibrant third-tier organism, being set up to cocreate a nurturing social environment in which it is safe to use self-inquiry to blow away the clouds of unknowing from our psyches. By thus letting in the Coherent Light of Consciousness that enables us to use our innate Intelligence, we could manage our business affairs in harmony with the fundamental law of the Universe: in Reality, opposites, poles, and duals are never separate from each other.

The goal is to stimulate the Spiritual Renaissance and Scientific Revolution emerging in the world today to design a global system of governance that balances the needs of individuals with those of society. Such a bipartisan approach to governance, beyond political polarization, is called liberal social democracy, the foundation for the Sharing Economy and World Peace.

This page was added in October 2016 and modified in November following the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the USA. It is an addendum to two other recent pages on the Vision for humanity and The Human Situation, which contain links to books and essays from the past twelve months. Most of the other pages on this website were written during 2014 and 2015, providing other angles on the momentous times we live in today.

With evolution currently passing through the most momentous turning point in its fourteen billion-year history, this is a Holoramic ‘Whole-seeing’ vision that is constantly evolving, as it becomes ever clearer in human experience, simply depicted as a Cosmology of cosmologies. By harmonizing evolutionary convergence, we can expect the synergistic powers of evolution to accelerate ever faster in the coming weeks and months, as we rest in the Stillness and Presence of the Divine.

So even though the challenges facing humanity sometimes look insuperable, there is still a chance that a miracle could happen, releasing the immense energy that is currently suppressed in the collective, cultural, and personal unconscious. Do please join us with your own experiences so that we might synergistically accelerate the great awakening of Love, Intelligence, and Consciousness, bringing Light and Life back to science and business.

You can contact Paul, the founder of the Alliance, at paul at mysticalpragmatics dot net. You are most welcome!