Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Mystical Worldview

The Universe or Totality of Existence, as I, Paul, experience it, cannot be described in concepts and words, for it is beyond all distinctions that the analytical mind might make. This means that there is no separate being called Paul who can be said to experience Ultimate Reality. Ultimately, there is no experiencer of whatever we might call such experience.

Perhaps the best way of describing that which cannot be described is with the word Presence, which derives from Latin præesse ‘to be before’, from præ ‘before’ and esse ‘to be’. So Presence literally means ‘before being’ or ‘prior to existence’.

Another word that well denotes the Gnostic Foundation of the Mystical Worldview is Datum, from Latin datum ‘that which is given’, neuter past participle of dare ‘to offer, give; to cause, bring about’, from Proto-Indo-European (PIE) base ‘to give’.

It is from the Formless Absolute—as the Divine Datum of the Cosmos—that the entire relativistic world of form emerges, like waves and currents on and beneath the surface of an ocean, never separate from the ocean itself. This union of form and Formlessness is the Ocean of Consciousness, the centre of which is Love, the Divine Essence we all share, providing the Cosmic Context for all beings in the Universe, including all of us human beings.

This all-inclusive Cosmology, which embraces all possible cosmologies, is all we need to know to live in Love and Peace, in harmony with the fundamental law of the Universe, expressed as the Cosmogonic Cycle: all forms, whether they be cognitive or physical, arise from the Nonmanifest Origin of the Cosmos through the creative power of Life and return to the Source at the end of their lifespans.