Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Paul Hague

When I look at my life from the perspective of my 75th year, I see it at two levels, the superficial and profound.

On the surface, I was born near London in 1942, was educated as a mathematician, got married and had two children, and spent my business career in the information technology industry, mostly with IBM in sales and marketing in London in the 1960s and 70s and in software development in Stockholm in the 1990s.

All perfectly straightforward and normal. However, it is what has happened beneath the surface that makes my ontogeny rather unusual. Today, I look at my life, the psychodynamics of society, and the Universe from a Holoramic ‘Whole-seeing’ perspective. From this Divine vantage point, there is no time; no past or future. There is only the Eternal Now.

As a result of everything that has happened to me during my lifetime, I feel one with the Cosmos, which can best be denoted with the Sanskrit word Satchitananda ‘Bliss of Absolute Truth and Consciousness’. It is this exquisite experience that is motivating me to set up the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics, fulfilling my life’s purpose.

My job as an information systems architect in business has evolved into that of Panosopher, in which there is no longer any separation between science—as a rational system of thought—and mysticism—where the innermost secrets of the Universe are revealed, beyond thought and the categorizing mind.

Indeed, in Reality, none of us is ever separate from Divinity, Nature, or any other being, a principle that lies at the heart of the emerging zeitgeist, encapsulated in the Alliance’s motto ‘Harmonizing evolutionary convergence’.

In October 2016, I mangaged to draw a picture of the ‘Grand Design of the Universe Revealed by Conscious Evolution’ on a single sheet of paper, as a Cosmology of cosmologies, which has been informing my life for many years and is intended to guide the activities of the Alliance in the years to come.

Knowing what the Cosmos is and how it is intelligently designed, it is theoretically possible to design a global system of governance that is in harmony with the fundamental laws of the Universe. These are essentially holographic, equally applicable within all cultures and domains of discourse, as the Internet demonstrates.

But this will only be practical if we let in more and more light, radiating from the Divine Origin of the Universe. This is mostly obscured by our cultural conditioning, which has long discouraged us from diving beneath the surface, into the depths of the Cosmic Psyche, from where most of our behaviour stems and where true joy and happiness are to be found.

That is why it is absolutely essential to set up the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics at the present time. Following the invention of the computer in the 1940s, the conflict-ridden patriarchal epoch and Western civilization have reached the end of their useful lives. 

With evolution passing through the most momentous turning point in its fourteen billion-year history, if we are to flourish and survive as a species for as long as possible, we have no alternative than to make radical changes in the directions of our lives, focusing on the spiritual and mystical, as the basis for our practical lives.

How this will pan out, we can only explore together, as evolution becomes increasingly conscious of itself within us. Do please join us in this great adventure when you feel ready to do so.