Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Project Aditi: Awakening Self-reflective Intelligence

The primary purpose of Project Aditi is to transform the second, third, and fourth pillars of unwisdom into those of wisdom by establishing transcultural, transdisciplinary Integral Relational Logic (IRL) as the commonsensical art and science of consciousness underlying all other disciplines of learning. For IRL is the universal system of thought that we all use everyday to form concepts and organize our ideas in tables and semantic networks or mathematical graphs.

Transdisciplinary IRL is thus the primary discipline, replacing deductive logic, mathematics, physics, biology, and any other discipline that claims to be the most fundamental, providing the Gnostic Foundation, coordinating framework, and Cosmic Context for ‘all knowledge’, the much sought-for but disparaged theory of everything, called the Unified Relationships Theory (URT), as this diagram illustrates.

Project Aditi is so-named because Aditi is the Divine Matrix, the Mother of the Cosmos. In abstract terms, Aditi is Infinite Consciousness, literally ‘unbound’, other Sanskrit terms for Ultimate Reality being Satchidananda, Akasha, and Kaivalya, realized in Solitude, as this last word indicates. Personified in feminine form, Aditī is the name of the mother of the celestial deities in Rig Veda.

In scientific terms, Aditi, as the Divine Matrix, is required to solve the most fundamental modelling problem in business. In order to replace as many jobs performed by humans by machines as possible, in conformity with the economic imperative of our times, information systems (IS) architects develop integrated models of the relationships between the basic entity types in an enterprise, such as customers, products, and deliveries, and between the processes that deal with these entities, such as manufacturing, ordering, and invoicing.

However, what they omit from these models is the process of creating such models in the first place. So although IS architects are generalists, able to see the big picture, how the various constituents of businesses relate to each other as a coherent whole, their pictures are incomplete.

In order to develop a comprehensive model of the psychodynamics of society, it is necessary to awaken Self-reflective Intelligence, the eyesight of Consciousness, the coherent light that enables us to view the Cosmos holographically, rather like the coherent light of a laser.

Drawing handsThinking in this healthy way is rather like a TV camera filming itself filming, illustrated by M. C. Escher’s famous lithograph ‘Drawing Hands’. It is in this wholesome manner that evolution can become fully conscious of itself, going even further than Julian Huxley foresaw. In his foreword to the first English translation of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man, he wrote, “in modern scientific man, evolution was at last becoming conscious of itself.”

When we awaken Self-reflective Intelligence—the Divine quality that distinguishes humans from the other animals and machines, like computers—we realize that the observer and observed cannot be separated, a principle that brought David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti together about 1960. It is in this way that the fragmented, split mind can be healed. For as Bohm said, “content and process [of thought] are not two separately existent things, but, rather, they are two aspects or views of one whole movement. Thus fragmentary content and fragmentary process have to come to an end together.”

This unification lies at the heart of the Universe and is thus the key to completing today’s revolution in science, just as Newton’s Principia completed the Copernican-Keplerian-Galilean revolution in 1687.