Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Seven pillars of wisdom

To heal our fragmented, split minds, which have given rise to our sick society, based on the belief that we are separate from God, Nature, and each other, we clearly need to rebuild the entire world of learning on the seven pillars of wisdom. This is absolutely essential if we are to complete the transition from Western civilization and the global economy to the Mystical Society and the Sharing Economy, harmonizing evolutionary convergence.

It is an immense undertaking for the seven pillars of unwisdom were laid down in the collective unconscious thousands of years ago, constantly reinforced in succeeding years by generation after generation passing on to their children what they themselves learned from their parents. Nevertheless, if we are to cure our delusional and schizoid minds, it is absolutely imperative that we become consciously unified with God, Nature, and each other. Nothing else, really matters.

Number Pillar of wisdom
  Union with God
1 Every one of us lives in union with the Divine at every instant of our lives. There is only one Absolute Whole, whose Transcendent aspect is Consciousness, the Cosmic Context that we all share, and whose Immanent aspect is Love, the Divine Essence or Soul that we can all enjoy in common.
  Union with Nature
2 Consciousness is all there is, the only Reality. Everything in the relativistic world of form, including the physical universe and ourselves, is an illusion, an appearance in or abstraction from Consciousness, with no permanent existence. Our innate being is thus fully integrated with Nature, which means ‘Origin’, from Latin nasci ‘to be born’, corresponding to Greek phusis ‘birth, origin; nature, inborn quality’.
3 Evolution, from the most recent big bang fourteen billion years ago, through the evolution of the species, to human learning, progresses accumulatively through the synergistic effect of meaningful structure-forming relationships, the entire process being driven by the creative power of Life, emanating from Consciousness. The ultimate destiny of evolution is Ineffable, Nondual Wholeness, whence it began in the Eternal Now.
4 In Reality, human beings are Divine, Cosmic creatures, functioning with self-reflective Intelligence. Our True Nature or Authentic Self is Wholeness, the union of all opposites, free from all mechanistic conditioning.
  Union with each other
5 Except for the expansion of consciousness, all growth processes in the Universe are limited, following an S-shape. To trade in financial products is, like buying and selling kilograms and metres, an absurdity. We can best see what is happening in business today by integrating all the semantic models developed by individual information systems architects working in separate enterprises. We can only survive as a species, and thereby realize our fullest potential, if we learn to cooperate with each other synergistically.
6 We human beings are the products of some fourteen billion years of evolution, which has been brought about through the power of Life, acting in the Timeless Now, constantly refreshing the blind, mechanistic evolutionary processes that take place in the horizontal dimension of time. There is thus no doership or ownership, no separate entity who can be said to do or own anything. What we call ‘justice’ is thus an egoic concept, which arises because of our inability to see our personal lives in the context of the Whole.
  Logical implications
7 The Universe is inherently paradoxical, a situation that is encapsulated in the both-and Principle of Unity—Wholeness is the union of all opposites—the fundamental design principle of the Universe. This universal, irrefutable truth is the keystone for noninferential Integral Relational Logic, the transcultural, transdisciplinary coordinating framework for all our learning, an egalitarian, commonsensical science of thought and consciousness, which describes how we all form concepts and organize our ideas in tables and mathematical graphs or semantic networks. To see both our own and the other person’s perspective is a sign of innate intelligence, leading to peace and harmony in personal and group relationships.