Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

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Sharing Economy

Having realized that none of us is separate from the Divine, Nature, or anyone else for an instant, we can invoke the social movements of Spiritual Renaissance and Scientific Revolution to cocreate the life-enhancing Sharing Economy, giving everyone on Earth the opportunity to realize their fullest potential as human beings.

The Sharing Economy is so-named because we all share the same Genuine Identity as the Cosmic Divine, being governed by the Principle of Unity—the Hidden Harmony. For identity derives from Latin idem ‘same’. Furthermore, information in today’s Information Society has properties that are quite different from commodities. When a teacher gives information to her pupils, nothing is exchanged; they share knowledge, unlike goods we exchange for money in supermarkets, for instance. So in the eschatological Age of Light, we realize that in Reality there is no doership, or indeed ownership, as Advaita sages, like Ramesh S. Balsekar, former president of the Bank of India, teach.

However, this realization is not easy while people are preoccupied with their livelihoods within the economic machine, believing that money is a commodity with value. To effectively deal with humanity’s challenges, we urgently need to establish a work ethic where spiritual awakening and psychological development have top priority, enabling us to recognize that the biggest threats to our health, well-being, and survival as a species are our fear and ignorance, rather than economic collapse, peak oil, rapid climate change, global water crisis, population growth, and species extinction, for instance. A society based on fear rather than Love is not sustainable.

As well as changing the way we work, we also need a radically new system of governance, which the ecophilosopher Henryk Skolimowski appropriately calls Lumenarchy ‘rule through Divine Light’. We can see the increasing ungovernability of society in the polarization of political conservatism and liberalism, from Latin liber ‘free’. Yet, while conservatism is a natural state, called homeostasis ‘same state’ in systems theory, it is not a viable option at these times of accelerating rates of change. As the world of learning is much fragmented and deluded, even democracies are not viable, for they are as tyrannous as the despots they seek to replace.

To demonstrate what the Sharing Economy means in practice, the activities of the Alliance will be consciously governed by the Principle of Unity. Heraclitus called this universal, irrefutable truth the ‘Hidden Harmony’, which Aristotle denied, sending Western thought into the evolutionary cul-de-sac that it finds itself in today.

A 50-page introductory article ‘The Sharing Economy: Transcending the Divisiveness of Money’ explores in some detail the history of money and how we could extricate ourselves from the financial crisis we all face today.