Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Team building

In a sense, our entire species is one team. For with the exception of a few isolated, self-sufficient communities, we are all dependent on the economic system that the fragmented, fearful mind has created for the basic necessities in life, such as food, clothing, warmth, and shelter. So it can be rather scary that the global economy contains the seeds of its own destruction within it, essentially because of the invention of the stored-program computer in the middle of the last century.

For the computer is a machine quite unlike any other tool that the Homo genus had invented during the previous two thousand millennia. It is essentially a tool of thought, able to extend the human mind, in some cases replacing it, unlike the other tools we have invented to extend our rather limited physical abilities, such as the flint axe, wheel, telescope, steam engine, and telephone.

So materialistic, mechanistic science and materialistic, monetary economics can tell us little about what we have invented or what it means to be a human being. Most particularly, it is not true that technological development can drive economic growth for very much longer, for we humans are the leading edge of evolution, not computers.

R. Buckminster Fuller’s assertion in Utopia or Oblivion “that Utopia can be attained, and ecological disaster forestalled, by imaginative and fearless use of our most modern technical discoveries” is thus simply not true.

Rather, as Erich Fromm wrote in his greatest masterpiece To Have or To Be? in 1976, to resolve the impending psychological, ecological, and economic catastrophe, “We need a Humanistic Science of Man as the basis for the Applied Science and Art of Social Reconstruction.” However, he was uncertain of success, saying,

Whether such a change from the supremacy of natural science to a new social science will take place, nobody can tell. If it does, we might still have a chance for survival, but whether it will depends on one factor: how many brilliant, learned, disciplined, and caring men and women are attracted by the new challenge to the human mind.

Fromm went on to say that he saw only a two-per-cent chance of such a radical transformation in consciousness coming about, a goal that no business executive or politician would regard as worthwhile pursuing. Nevertheless, he went on to say, “If a sick person has even the barest chance of survival, no responsible physician will say, ‘Let’s give up the effort,’ or will use only palliatives. On the contrary, everything conceivable is done to save the sick person’s life. Certainly, a sick society cannot expect anything less.”

The ‘Humanistic Science of Man’ that Fromm called for is Integral Relational Logic (IRL), the commonsensical art and science of consciousness that we all implicitly use everyday to form concepts and organize our ideas. We can thus utilize IRL to build a team of liberating humans who recognize that computers are our servants, not our masters, being awakened by the Cosmic, Divine energies of Love, Consciousness, and Self-reflective Intelligence.

The key function here is that of information systems architect, for IS architects are the generalists in business, able to see the big picture, how all the constituents of organizations fit together as a coherent whole. IS architects are thus the people who could design the Sharing Economy, ensuring a measure of continuity when the global economy shortly collapses like a house of cards around our ears.