Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Two dimensions of time

In order to be free of the mechanistic Matrix that governs our lives, realizing Aditi as the life-giving Divine Matrix, it is vitally important to live primarily in the Eternal Now in the vertical dimension of time, recognizing that the past and future are illusions in the horizontal dimension of time. For just as form arises from Formlessness, time arises from Timelessness.

This is most simply explained in terms of the basic construct in all data-processing systems, in which functions or processes receive inputs as meaningless data and produce meaningful outputs, depicted here.

But nothing new can ever be created from such mechanical processes. We do not form new concepts in this automatic manner, from the data patterns of experience in our learning or as mental pictures of something we wish to create, such as a meal or symphony. Furthermore, programs written by humans as strings of characters are processed by other programs before they are ready to execute in a computer. So who wrote the first program and where did it come from?

Two dimensions of timeThis is similar to a question that Aristotle asked himself, when viewing change as a long series of causes and effects, which, he surmised, must have been kicked off by an Unmoved Mover. In Summa Theologiæ, Thomas Aquinas took this cause-and-effect chain to produce five proofs for the existence of God.

Yes, indeed, there is an Unmoved Mover. But it does not exist at some finite point in the past, regarded as a big bang in modern physics, supposedly bringing the physical universe into existence. Rather, the Unmoved Mover is Stillness, which mystics experience and so often talk about. And we can only understand creative processes, including the way that humans write computer programs, by admitting the vertical dimension of time into consciousness, illustrated here.

This shows that all creative processes in the Universe originate in Oneness at the Divine Origin of the Cosmos and culminate in Wholeness at evolution’s glorious culmination, at its Omega Point, which is the union of Alpha and Omega, in conformity with the Hidden Harmony. Conversely, we find the Alpha Point through involutionary processes, such as meditation, dying to the entire world of form, free of the sense of a separate self, realizing our Authentic Self.

Such a realization is absolutely essential if we are to be completely free of the fear of existential death, including, in particular, the imminent death of the monetary global economy and the inevitable death of Homo sapiens, most probably within the next ten generations.