Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Website structure

The Alliance website is currently structured around four main menus, which provide links to the principal content, displayed in the centre.

The first menu provides access to information specifically on the Alliance’s purpose and activities. It is from here that the Alliance could play a leadership role in helping to resolve the great crisis facing humanity today, as evolution passes through the most momentous turning point in its fourteen billion history.

The key point here is that the Alliance is transcultural, transdisciplinary, and transindustrial, and so is not operating within the context and institutional framework of any culture or subculture that currently exists on Earth. What it means to live today in the Age of Light, and not at some time in the future, which never comes, is outlined in a series of pages accessible from the Cognitive Framework menu.

However, as few have yet reached evolution’s glorious culmination, we are more a species in transition, between the third and fourth stages of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s all-encompassing model of evolution. We can see these transitional activities in four great global movements of Spiritual Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, Sharing Economy, and World Peace, which are coordinated through the second main menu.

The link between the Alliance’s activities and those of the world at large are defined in Project Heraclitus, consisting of three subprojects, Projects Agape, Aditi, and Arjuna. At present, these are the least well defined. During 2015, the intention is to set up a network of networking networks that could synergistically accelerate the harmonization of evolutionary convergence, providing a safe, nurturing environment where people can share their innermost experiences of their awakening, liberating, and healing adventures.

As fully understanding what is happening to our species at the present time requires us to rebuild the last 5,000 years of learning within the Contextual Foundation of the mystical worldview rather than the materialistic worldview, which has led humanity into delusion, many books, articles, and television documentaries and videos will be required. What the Alliance is so far offering in this respect can be accessed through the Books and Articles pages under Cognitive Framework.

As European languages, as they have evolved from their Proto-Indo-European (PIE) origins during the past five thousand years, represent the materialistic rather than the mystical worldview, we need to change the meanings of many words as they are currently defined in  dictionaries. How the Alliance is defining a coherent set of new meanings, often drawing on PIE roots, is described in the Glossary, also accessible as popup windows in articles, denoted in red, like this definition for science, although I need a Drupal developer to improve the layout.