Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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Welcome to the Age of Light

The Age of Light is a world governed by just one law, the fundamental design principle of the Universe, called the Principle of Unity: Wholeness is the union of all opposites. This primordial, natural law, known to Heraclitus as the ‘Hidden Harmony’ and to Lao Tzu as Tao ‘the Way’, is an irrefutable truth, applicable in all situations.

For any attempt to deny the truth of the Principle of Unity with egoic, either-or thinking is the opposite of its affirmation with holistic, both-and thinking, confirming its universal truth. This is the closest we can come in words to the Absolute Truth, which actually is nameless, like the Essence of the Tao.

The Principle of Unity is also called the Cosmic Equation, the simple, elegant equation that can explain everthing in the much sought-for Theory of Everything. The Hidden Harmony is thus the master key that unlocks all the innermost secrets of the Universe, such as what it is, who we are, where we have come from, and where we are all heading in the most frantic rush.

To reveal the Hidden Harmony, all we need to do is return to the Origin of the Universe, as the Divine Source of Life, penetrating to the utmost depth of the Cosmic Psyche, free of the sense of a separate self, as mystics have taught through the ages.

When we live our lives ignorant of the Law, we live in darkness or at best half light as this universal truth is partially revealed to us. For as Carl Gustav Jung commented, either-or thinking is “a mark of barbarism”. In contrast, Jung recognized that unifying opposites is the key to mental health, leading to a harmonious, cooperative both-and system of thought and way of life.

As a consequence of our ignorance, Western civilization, in particular, is a culture built on shifting sands—from logic, mathematics, and philosophy, through science, medicine, and psychology, to religion, politics, and economics. For education, business, and law all deny the irrefutable truth of the basic law of the Universe.

As such an inherently unstable society is unsustainable, the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics is being set up as a safe haven for all those who wish to heal their split minds, living in harmony with the Hidden Harmony, realizing their fullest potential as superintelligent, superconscious beings before the inevitable extinction of our species.

Specifically, the Alliance acts as a network of networking networks, harmonizing and accelerating evolutionary convergence by helping to integrate the global social movements of Spiritual Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Sharing Economy into a coherent whole, necessary if evolution is to lead us into World Peace.

By realizing our True Nature in this delightful way, we could collectively transform today’s Information and Knowledge Society into the Wisdom Society, and thence into the eschatological Mystical Society, where people would live egolessly and peacefully at the end of time, free of the existential fear of death and God, and hence Love and Freedom.

Do please join us in this great adventure in whatever capacity you can offer. My name is Paul Hague, and you are most welcome to contact me at paul at