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Writings 2023

My main creative writing at the beginning of 2023 was to continue revising the hyperlinked Glossary of terms that I began in 2013, when this website was set up.

However, as I was profoundly sensing The Presence of Wholeness as I was writing these entries, including their etymologies, in March, I felt moved to write a four-page article describing what was and is happening to me.

Later that month, news headlines were abuzz with many software systems that seemed to be able to perform tasks that appear human in origin, claiming to be the product of machines with artificial intelligence. Of course, this is a delusion, for human intelligence is not mechanistic. It functions through the creative power of Life in the Eternal Now, in the vertical dimension of time, not the horizontal of the past and future.

So, to test what ChatGPT knew about the fundamental questions of human existence, I asked it several questions at the beginning of April. The questions and answers are contained in the file ChatGPT’s Replies to Questions.

Then to emphasize the distinction between human learning and computers executing mechanistic, deep-learning algorithms, in June, I began a new way of presenting my life’s work as The Final Frontier of Human Learning, which is the Cosmic Psyche, inaccessible to our five physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

This led me to write an autobiographical article, titled ‘Solving the Ultimate Problem of Human Learning’, describing how the creative power of Life, emanating directly from the Divine Origin of the Universe, has healed my fragmented mind and split psyche in Wholeness, enabling me to solve the ultimate problem of human learning: integrating all knowledge in all cultures and disciplines at all times into a coherent whole, through a single, all-inclusive Method.

As this article also describes how Life has freed me from collective and cultural or ancestral trauma, in October, I was inspired by the nine-day Collective Trauma Summit, to write three short pieces, as a holistic perspective of the Summit, whose purpose is to cocreate a Global Healing Movement: ‘A Cosmological, Evolutionary Perspective’, ‘Witnessing Exponential Rates of Change’, and ‘The Interrelatedness of All Beings’.

Following the Summit, Thomas Hübl, its convenor, held a YouTube conversation with Angel Acosta, one of its hosts, on the theme ‘AI: The Meeting of Consciousness and Technology’. This inspired me to write a short piece on my own experiences of this vitally important subject, titled ‘Viewing AI from a Divine Perspective’.

Then to emphasize that my primary purpose in Life is to realize the Truth, in inseparable union with the Divine, I wrote a shorter autobiographical article titled ‘Realizing the Truth’. However, this can only really be understood by changing the meaning of universe, as it is generally understood. So I wrote another short piece titled ‘Constructing the Universe’.

As Tim Freke has developed a theory of evolution very similar to mine and that of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, I then wrote four more pieces to catch his attention and that of his community, which is engaged in ‘awakening to unity with the universe’, as passionately curious ordinary beings’. So, I wrote ‘The Art of Paralogical Reasoning’, ‘Questioning Our Cultural Assumptions’, ‘Changing Time’, and ‘Enjoying the Bliss of Wholeness’.

Name Pages Date Size
The Presence of Wholeness 4 Mar 2023 237K
ChatGPT’s Replies to Questions 15 Apr 2023 198K
The Final Frontier of Human Learning 2 Jun 2023 164K
Solving the Ultimate Problem of Human Learning 61 Sep 2023 7.0M
A Cosmological, Evolutionary Perspective 2 Oct 2023 122K
Witnessing Exponential Rates of Change 2 Oct 2023 385K
The Interrelatedness of All Beings 2 Oct 2023 206K
Viewing AI from a Divine Perspective 4 Oct 2023 181K
Realizing the Truth 20 Nov 2023 3.0M
Constructing the Universe 2 Nov 2023 1.6M
The Art of Paralogical Reasoning 2 Nov 2023 115K
Questioning Our Cultural Assumptions 6 Dec 2023 2.0M
Changing Time 2 Dec 2023 990K
Enjoying the Bliss of Wholeness 2 Dec 2023 139K