Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics

Harmonizing Evolutionary Convergence

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In Integral Relational Logic, the concept of the Absolute is formed by applying the Principle of Unity to the Totality of Existence, which consists of all beings: both the world of form and the Formless Ground of Being.


Denotes the Absolute alone. Advaita is not a philosophy or religion and should not be confused with Advaita-Vedanta, one of the three branches of Vedanta, the others being Dvaita-Vedanta (‘dualistic’) and Vishishtavaita-Vedanta (‘quaified nondualism’).

When we know the nondual Absolute in the depth of our being, we know that there is no separate entity that can be said to do or own anything; there is no doership or ownership.

Advaita is thus a way of life that is grounded on the Absolute, like Zen and Tao.


To be alone is to be ‘all-one’, living in Oneness, in solitude. As such aloneness is a truly beautiful situation, which can turn sour if there is any longing for the situation to be different, when aloneness becomes loneliness, a mental disturbance.


Alpha denotes ‘beginning’, specifically in Panosophy, the Divine Origin of the Cosmos, the Ultimate Source of Life. The Alpha Point of evolution thus denotes the starting point of all creative growth processes, not at some point in the distant past, but right Now, beyond space and time.

As Alpha and Omega are one, by the fundamental law of the Universe, Alpha also denotes the starting point for involution, at the Omega Point of evolution, as spiritual practitioners return to the Source, in union with the Divine, in the time-honoured manner.


Ambivalence was coined to mean ‘the coexistence in one person of contradictory emotions or attitudes, such as love and hatred, towards a person or thing’. Such ambivalent feelings can feel very uncomfortable, leading to indecision and so-called weakness as the opposites flip-flop in the mind. One way of dealing with ambivalence is to repress one or other of these opposites, pushing it into the unconscious, where it nevertheless continues to influence behaviour unless brought to the surface and carefully examined in the brilliant light of Consciousness.


Chenrezig sand mandalaThe double negative in the etymology of anitya tells us that only that which is not born is immortal and eternal. Thus everything that is born into the relativistic world of form is impermanent.